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We offer highly competitive cleaning prices, striving to deliver professional cleaning services that ensure excellent value for your money and exceed your expectations.
Worried about the house cleaning costs or finding office cleaning prices too steep?
Contact us, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our competitive rates for house cleaning and office cleaning!


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We provide highly competitive cleaning rates, aiming to deliver professional cleaning services that offer excellent value for your money. Our transparent pricing system guarantees clarity, with no hidden charges or unexpected expenses. Offering flexible payment options and customisable cleaning packages, we tailor our services to suit your individual requirements and budget. Moreover, our dedication to delivering high-quality cleaning results ensures that you can rely on us to consistently achieve exceptional standards, making our professional cleaning services truly worth every penny.

Concerned about the house cleaning cost or finding house cleaning prices / office cleaning too expensive? Reach out to us, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our competitive house cleaning and office cleaning rates!

Get in touch with us today to receive a complimentary, no-obligation quote or expert consultation on how our professional domestic cleaners will will transform your home into a palace fit for royalty.

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“I have been using the cleaning services of Cinderella Cleaning for the past year and I am extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and thoroughness of their work. They always go above and beyond to ensure that my home is spotless and it is a pleasure to come home to a clean space. The team is always punctual and efficient, and I appreciate the attention to detail they provide. I highly recommend Cinderella Cleaning to anyone in need of top-quality cleaning services.”

“I have been using Cinderella Cleaning for my office cleaning needs for the past six months and I am extremely impressed with the level of service they provide. The team is reliable, efficient, and always goes the extra mile to ensure that our office is spotless. Their attention to detail is top-notch and they are always willing to accommodate any special requests we may have. I highly recommend Cinderella Cleaning to anyone in need of professional and thorough cleaning services.”